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Would you like to improve your Swiss German, German or English skills, practice them or learn them for the first time? We support you.Learning a new language like you did when you were a child. The principle of listening and repeating, learning from mistakes, asking and answering is a very effective way of learning. This is the key of the step-by-step method, which builds a solid foundation of knowledge and fluency through listening, repeating and learning from mistakes. At the Swiss German Academy you are the one  that gets to speak as it is most important to us that you feel more confident and comfortable in everyday conversation.


My language course is tailored to your individual situation from A to Z. I will help you actively and creatively work on your pronunciation and intonation and improve your accent.

*Suitable for beginner to advanced Students.

In the course, which requires no previous knowledge, we talk spontaneously with each other “about God and the world”, i.e. about all topics that interest you in your private and business life. You will receive valuable feedback on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

*Suitable for very advanced Students.


Everyday topics will help you to become confident and fluent in important situations of everyday life. As a basis for the course, personal course materials are selected based on your previous knowledge and wishes from which individual emphasis can be placed, according to your wishes.

*Suitable for intermediate to advanced Students.

Get an individual mixture of all Levels according to your personal or professional needs. Together we create a unique plan working through all aspects of your language learning journey. We start with GRAMMAR & PRONUNCIATION TRAINING, continue with EVERYDAY TOPICS and end up having fluent FREE CONVERSATION to practice your practical every days Swiss German Language.

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