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GROUP CLASSES (mini Groups)


With ease and fun, you will learn Swiss German in the mini group according to a coursebook, just as you learned your mother tongue as a child. The principle of listening and repeating, learning from mistakes, questioning, and answering is a very effective way of learning. This is the key to the step-by-step method, which builds a solid foundation of knowledge and fluency through listening, repeating, and learning from mistakes. We help you actively and creatively work on your pronunciation and intonation and improve your accent. Grammatical rules and patterns as well as a large vocabulary are guaranteed. The conversation is the focus because only practice makes perfect. We simply converse as friends would. Real-life conversations - really get you ahead.

Chatting after Class


GROUP CLASSES (Prices per Person)


Group – A minimum of 4 students is required

5 Lessons à 1.5hour in 1 Month / CHF 360 (48chf/per person & hour)

10 Lessons à 1.5hour in 1 Month / CHF 675 (45chf/per person & hour)

15 Lessons à 1.5hr in 2 Months / CHF 855 (38chf/per person & hour)

In Pair – A minimum of 2 students is required

5 Lessons in 1 Month / CHF 435 (58chf/per person & hour)

10 Lessons in 1-2 Months / CHF 795 (53chf/per person & hour)

15 Lessons in 2-3 Months / CHF 1080 (48chf/per person & hour)

Swiss German Group Courses (online)


in 15 hours (10 Lessons à 1.5h) 
in mini Groups of 4.

Students on a Break


Grüezi! Learn the Swiss German Language with professionals, and native-speaking teachers. Benefit from rapid learning success in small Groups in a total of 15 hours (10 lessons à 1.5h) within 2 months (1 lesson a week) with ease and fun. New Group Courses of all Levels (Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced) starting monthly. Have you always wanted to learn the Swiss-German Language in a relaxed atmosphere with no pressure and a lot of fun? Then do not miss out on this wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded people who are eager and willing to dive into the wonderful world of the Swiss-German Language.

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